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On this site you can create a personalized ranking of aesthetics from the Aesthetics Wiki
It is sorted by how much you like them - Example

What more you can do here:

  • find people and places who have similar preferences to yours (or very different ones!)

  • compare yourself with someone else - or a group of people - and find your common average ranking, or the aesthetics whose ratings you most agree or disagree on

  • I can AI-generate images for you (of clothing, buildings, rooms, ???) that combine your top aesthetics on our Discord

  • finally, you can also download your ranking as an image:


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How this works

Each aesthetic has a rating. By repeatedly comparing two aesthetics, the rating of the one you prefer is increased and the other is decreased. Eventually all ratings will reflect how you'd sort them one by one. This way is more fun than that though :)

All aesthetics start with a rating of 0. An aesthetic with a low rating being chosen over one with a high rating will have it gain (and the other lose) many points. If it loses it will only lose (and the other gain) a few points because it was already expected that it would probably lose.


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